Logotipo y slogan de Conservas Serrats: Sabor marinero, desde 1890.

Hijos de Josť Serrats "Serrats' Preserves"

"Hijos de Josť Serrats, S.A." was founded in 1890 in Bermeo (Vizcaya), in the coast of the Bay of Biscay. Our fish preserves are characterized by the highest quality, specially in White Tuna, Anchovy Fillets and Yellowfin Tuna. In addition, we have other products such as: Mussels, Sea Urchin Caviar, Seaweed among others.

Our preserves are elaborated by only using the finest raw materials: fresh fish of the finest quality and specially selected. And always respecting the traditional fishing tackle.

The handmade preparation of the preserves, transmitted and improved over five generations, is one of the keys of our success.

From 1914 onwards, "Hijos de Josť Serrats, S.A." has exported to the U.S. Market. Over the years we have become a canning company of White Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna and Anchovy Fillets focused on the high range, and with a wide presence all over the World. Nowadays, our products can be found in France, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, United Kingdom and Germany. In addition, Panama, Taiwan, Australia and Arab Emirates are some of the recently added countries we export to.

In 2004, "Hijos de Josť Serrats, S.A." modernized its facilities with an investment of 4.5 million Euros. The preserves are handcrafted. However, these modern technologies help us improve the conditions of maintenance, selection and packaging of the product in order to ensure the highest conditions of the products, when they reach their final destination.

Our Know-How, coupled with the strict quality control system, enables us to meet the requirements of the cross-border and national markets.

In 2009, we included in our portfolio preserved seaweed (Wakame and Sea Spaghetti) sea urchin caviar and Mussels (Large mussels in pickled sauce from Galicia).

"Hijos de Josť Serrats, S.A." has 65 employees and 30% of its turnover belongs to international sales. The White Tuna preserves are the most appreciated and expensive ones within the tuna fish preserves. Nowadays, 80% of the production of "Hijos de Josť Serrats S.A." is made of White Tuna meat.

We are looking for the best

Conservas Serrats is looking for international distributors who are capable of selling our delicatessen fish preserves focused on the gourmet segment of their own market. Our partners should fulfill the following requirements:

  • To provide a consolidated network of establishments.
  • To be focused on the delicatessen segment.
  • To know the features of the White Tuna.

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